Diet Pepsi: Come On TV commercial

Diet Pepsi: Come OnPepsi released an advert for their Diet Pepsi drink earlier this month. Entitled ‘Come On,’ it features Sofia Vergara looking longingly towards the thing she wants more than anything else – her can of Diet Pepsi. Men can’t help but fall under her spell as she gets all googly-eyed over the Diet Pepsi can. Though comedic, you’ve got to feel a little sorry for the guy misunderstanding her behaviour and then being left embarrassed.

Reviewing the Pepsi Advert:
Cinematography: 5/5

Starting afar, the advert begins to close in on it’s purpose, literally. At first you think that Sofia Vergara is flirting with the man on the table next to her with the various cuts between the two. The camera then continues to zoom and focus on the Diet Pepsi can and successfully removes the man from the love triangle by zooming out once more and highlighting on the love between Sofia Vergara and the Diet Pepsi can. The cinematography successfully delivers the message. 5/5

Message: 5/5

Delivering a comedic message of ‘Diet Pepsi is the true love for a googly-eyed woman’ is certainly achieved. The advert finishes with the Diet Pepsi tagline ‘Love every sip’ which perfectly syncs with the background music. 5/5

Pace: 5/5

A short quick advert that delivers the message straight to the point. The pace of all the camera shots and the overall length of the ad is perfect. 5/5

Sound: 5/5

Featuring a cover of the song L-O-V-E  by Nat King Cole, the music only advert really brings out the comedic and loving nature of a woman and her Diet Pepsi. 5/5

Overall: 5/5


Diet Pepsi: Come On
What about you?
What are your opinions about this Diet Pepsi ad? Got the hots for Sofia Vergara? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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