Print Advert – Mini Roadster – Beefy and with horses hidden in it

Mini RoadsterMini has just released a tongue-in-cheek advertisement referencing the horsemeat scandal in order to promote its new Mini John Cooper Works Roadster.

This print ad is created by  iris Worldwide after having won Mini’s account back in December.

The print features a ‘beefy’ and ‘muscular’ roadster with a headline that reads, “Beef. With a lot of horses hidden in it.”

It references the 211 horsepower output of the car, and with its beefy appearance you can clearly see the success in making use of the horsemeat scandal to promote their new roadster.

In addition to this print ad, mini just recently released a viral video where we see a Mini do a backflip in a scenic snowy back drop. You can watch the video below.

Reviewing the viral video:
Cinematography: 4/5

With a mix of slow motion and regular speed camera work, this viral video certainly brings about a sensation of  suspense, followed by awe as the Mini completes a full backflip. The close-up and panoramic long shots between the driver and the mini really bring out the personality of the vehicle and further draw you in to the video. Certainly the cinematography is brilliant, however with there being a lack of smoothness in a couple of shots I give this a well deserved, almost perfect, 4/5. Do you agree?

Message: 5/5

Strictly speaking there isn’t much to review about the messaging of the viral video as it isn’t exactly an advert but more of a ‘let’s show a Mini doing a backflip in the snow’. It does however show us exactly what it intended to so I’ve given it a 5/5.

Pace: 4/5

The pace of the viral video is in my opinion just right. Would you agree with my opinion? With the cinematography being as splendid as it is, the pacing is just right to bring out suspense and then awe as the mini backflips. 4/5

Sound: 3/5

With the sharp sound of the car engine, the background music and high pitch tones of the engine seem to fight against each other for supremacy. The music also seems to draw away the suspense of waiting to see if the mini completes its backflip or not (even though we already know it does) and this just seems to make the video a bit laboured to watch. I first watched this without sound and found myself in more suspense than when I watched it with sound. 3/5

Overall: 4/5


What about you?
What do you think about the mini doing a backflip? What about the tongue-in-cheek print advert? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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