Black Light Dinner Party – 8 Bit game advertisement released with new single

Black Light Dinner Party

Brooklyn Band Black Light Dinner Party just recently released an awesome 8-bit game to coincide with their animated music video release of their 3rd single We are Golden’.

The video animation itself is first of all worthy of a mention. It is colourful and very interesting to watch and perfectly matches with the music. This video offers a glimpse into the bands much anticipated debut album. Singer Jack Côté is accompanied by, Zach Lipkins on the drums, Joel Friedman on keys, and Dan Stevens on bass as his lyrics are twisted into a dreamy technicolour adventure by animator Jonathan Seligson.

Black Light Dinner PartyLooking into the video you can see that the trippyness and randomness of the flying buccaneers, psychedelic teapot, and golden-nosed narwhal all have reference to the infamous Cartoon Network’s programmes Adventure Time  and Dexter’s Laboratory.

Using the 8-bit game as an advertisement for the single is definitely a success in my books. It just further adds to the fun of the music video and brings out the music to greater levels of enjoyment.

Black Light Dinner PartyThe game takes on the popularity of retro gaming and adds to it. We can liken the 8-bit popularity for advertising to Old Spice’s Dikembe Mutombo Saves The World Game, released in the run up to the end of the world last year, and with it being released at the same time as Wreck-It Ralph, a 3D film with a retro game twist, it easily falls into today’s pace and should bring success to the band.

What about you?
What are your opinions about 8-Bit Game? What about the Animated music video? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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