Philips Carousel Advert

CarouselBack in 2009 Philips released a TV ad with the name ‘Philips Carousel’. The purpose of the advert was to draw attention to the new line of TVs they were selling. The TVs were designed and built with the cinema proportion of 21:9. This advertisement was so incredibly well done that it even won a short film award.

It is an amazing feat of graphics and camera work that shows a suspenseful and action packed story in extreme slow motion, but works so brilliantly that you are left in awe. Perhaps I am praising it too much as it is one of my favourite adverts of all time. I suggest you watch it for yourself and then judge it to see if you agree with my praising of it. Of course my review, as per usual, follows.

Reviewing the Philips Carousel:

As I stated before, the graphics and camera work in this advert are purely amazing. The fact that you see everything in super slow motion while flowing around the whole scene is just outstanding. 5/5

Message: 5/5

The purpose of the advert was to advertise their, new at the time, 21:9 TVs. By showing a piece of cinematic art they achieved that message and showed off what the TV can really do. 5/5

Pace: 5/5

Though filmed in super slow motion, as if nothing was moving, even though very slowly it is, you aren’t left feeling that this was a long advert. You can really appreciate the art and creativity that has gone on behind this advert. I give the pace a 5/5.

Sound: 5/5

Alhough there is not much to listen to, it is perfect in the sense that it doesn’t distract from the artistic filming and intense slow motion action scenes. And after all, would you really want to hear the voices of the clowns? I wouldn’t. For advertising the TV without actually needing to talk about it I give it 5/5.

Overall: 5/5


What about you?
Would you consider this cinematic art? Could you follow the story of the cop at the beginning? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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