News – Kew Gardens Chocolate Advertisement Campaign

Kew Gardens Chocolate Advertisement CampaignCog Design has created a selection of materials that can be used to promote Easter activity at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew. They used real chocolate to create a tasty  print advert promotion.

Over the Easter Period you can expect to explore the history of chocolate across the different zones in Kew Gardens. You will delve into the history from its Aztec origins, through to its journey to Europe with the Spanish Conquistadors and then onto Georgian England.

The work adheres to Kew guidelines by using a Frutiger font and fixed colour palette.

Kew Gardens Chocolate Advertisement CampaignThe imagery is bold and colourful and and will be used on a transport-based poster campaign – across digital media and on the interpretation materials used to tell the story within the exhibition.

Kew Gardens Chocolate Advertisement CampaignAfter presenting a number of ideas it was decided by Cog Design to sieve the cocoa powder onto stencils in order to achieve the desired effect.


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