News – Gary Linker and father Barry in new Walkers advertising campaign

Gary Lineker and Father Barry Walkers Campaign
Gary Linker and his father Barry will be featured in a new TV ad and social media campaign by Walkers crisps. The advert will showcase its switch to British-sourced flavourings.

For the launch of their Home Grown range, Walkers challenged Gary to journey across the UK to visit the Walkers farms, and then taste test the ingredients. Gary enlisted the help of his father who ran a fruit and veg stall in Leicester Market for over 40 years.

The 11 flavours from Walkers range will feature premium cheddar cheese from Somerset in Cheese & Onion; tomatoes from the Vale of Evesham in Prawn Cocktail and Tomato Ketchup; British blended Worcester Sauce in Worcester Sauce flavour; free range Chicken from Devon in the Roast Chicken flavour; salt from Cheshire in Ready Salted; British Vinegar in Salt & Vinegar and Pickled Onion flavours; Freedom Foods approved British pork in Smoky Bacon and Sour cream from Dorset in Sour Cream & Chive.

The TV spot will air on Friday March 8, starring Gary Linker, but not Barry, while the social media campaign will feature both father and son touring the country in a van.

You can watch Gary and Barry’s journey below:


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