Branding News – Brand Created for BlackJet

MovingBrands BlackJet
A new branding design has been created for the BlackJet flight booking service by MovingBrands. BlackJet is being run by private jet company Greenjets.

Also designed by MovingBrands is an app by which the service is underpinned. It will allow travellers to book seats on planes instantly ‘without the time-consuming inconveniences and indignities’ experienced by commercial travellers at the airport.

The app has a simple user interface which was designed for first and business class customers who are ‘stylish, busy and tech savvy.’

MovingBrands BlackJet

The consultancy, which was recommended by Greenjet investor and appointed in May 2012, says it was asked to position the company in a way that would change long entrenched perceptions of private jet travel.

Communications, which are set in black and white, carry the messaging ‘BlackJet – for a colourful life.’

MovingBrands BlackJet


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