Skittles Midas Touch Advertisement

Skittles Touch The Rainbow Taste The RainbowThe Skittles advert released a couple of years ago, documents the plight of Tim, whose ‘Midas Touch’ causes him to turn everything he touches with his hands into Skittles. A quick point to mention here is that the only thing that doesn’t turn into Skittles is Skittles themselves. So there is no Skittle-ception before anyone questions this matter. He is also seen ‘happily’ touching Skittles in the advert without turning them into smaller Skittles. This would perhaps suggest that he should invest into buying a pair of gloves made of Skittles in order to tame his ‘super power’.

The advert itself is based on the story of Midas, who turned everything he touched into gold – whether that would be a human or inanimate object. In the advert Tim is seen turning the inanimate objects into Skittles, and also mentions how a man would never see his family again, after he shook his hand on the bus, showing his similarity to the character Midas.

Skittles Midas Touch

Of course for the advert, instead of turning things into gold, he turns things into Skittles. This implies that Skittles are as good as gold but also provides us with an element of humour, even though you could very well argue that the story is rather dark. An unusual concept for an advert, however it is memorable and makes people talk about it, which shows that the advertising agency has done their job to promote Skittles.

The Skittles advert proved so popular that they released a series of semi-interactive viral adverts. These adverts engage the audience by inviting them to place their index finger on a certain spot, thus becoming a part of the various stories by literally touching the rainbow. You can watch a couple of these viral adverts by Clicking Here and by Clicking Here. This particular viral campaign was developed by BBDO.

Back in 2009 Skittles scrapped their old website and rolled out a ‘social media heavy’ website which in theory updates itself. Fans are able to post videos of their own onto the website, as well as there being company tweets and Facebook updates. You can view it here.

Reviewing The Skittles ‘Midas Touch’ Advert:

The cinematography in this advert is pretty good, however it does feel a bit bland. Considering how exciting it would be to have a super power, which turns everything you turn into skittles, you would expect a bit, more from the camera cuts. Perhaps more zooms and pans are needed. 4/5

Message: 5/5

The purpose of the advert is to show that skittles is fun and super-powered. By showing us the sad but awesome super power to turn everything you touch into skittles, it becomes a memorable advert and really begins to make you wish you could have such a power. Well perhaps you wish you could have the power only if you could control it, otherwise how would you be able to hold your own child, or shake a mans hand on the bus. For delivering a memorable advert I give it a 5/5.

Pace: 4/5
The pacing of this advert does feel long considering it delivers the same message over and over. However the shortened TV commercials were perfect in length and delivered the message in a snappier fashion. If only the longer version could have the same snappy message delivering, it would be a great advert length. 4/5

Sound: 5/5
The sound in the advert is perfect for what it is. It delivers us a saddened tone from Tim yet maintains the humour of the advert throughout. 5/5

Overall: 4.5/5


What about you?
What would you do if you had such a power? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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