TV Ad – Volkswagen – The Dog Strikes Back

Last month I showed you this year’s Superbowl TV commercial, Get in. Get happy.”  So today I’ve decided to bring you one of last year’s Volkswagen Superbowl commercials.

Volkswagen The Dog Strikes Back

Volkswagen initially pre-released its Super Bowl commercial online and they were hoping to maximize on its success in 2011 with its Star Wars-themed ad. The advert features an overweight dogging wanting to run with a car that drives back. However the overweight dog is unable to exit it through his flap and is left saddened by the state he has gotten himself into. So what does he do about this? He puts himself onto an exercise regime and the advert then shows us the exercises he does over the months until finally his fit and roaring to go.

Volkswagen Dogs Barkathon

The ad was first trailed by a very impressive Star Wars theme tune barking remix. However the link to Star Wars in the 2012 Dog Strikes Back advert is ambiguous to say the least. Deutsch LA got around this by creating a strange ad-within-an-ad. It does feature an adorable cute dog though, so we can forgive the ambiguous nature of the Star Wars section.

Reviewing The Dog Strikes Back Advert:

The camera shots show the emotion of the dog excellently and bring to life its saddened, determined, and happy states of mind we watch the advert. 5/5

Message: 3/5

The messaging of the advert to promote their beetle is clearly portrayed. However the ambiguous nature of the Star Wars link does make you wonder what they really were trying to get across. You are left thinking more about the Star Wars relevance than thinking about the car itself. 3/5

Pace: 4/5
Watching just the dog part of the advert and you can say the pace of it is great for what it is. However when you include the Star Wars section it does feel too long and therefore I give it a 4/5.

Sound: 4/5
Featuring the song ‘Get up offa that thing’ by James Brown makes the advert interesting to listen to and makes it a feel good advert. However, again the Star Wars section lets it down by mixing a very strange ad-within-an-ad. 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Success! (well only for the dog section really)

What about you?
What do you think of this Volkswagen commercial? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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