Müller – Wünderful Stuff 2011 TV Advert

Müller Wünderful Stuff Logo

In 2011, on the 8th October during the X Factor showing in Britain, Müller released their new advert titled “Wünderful stuff.” In the TV ad we see man who is about to give a car a parking ticket get turned into Yogi bear by the newly transformed Müller robot. And then follows a bunch of people being turned into cartoon characters from the past evoking a sense of nostalgia from the audience as well as appealing to the young. Despite there being not very much information about the brand, this advert still has managed to appeal to its audience by showing them how a hectic and grim world can be changed into something which is brighter and more fun with the help of Müller. We can see this marketing point in the advertisement when the officer is turned into the fun lovable Yogi bear, and how thanks to Müller light the grim dark cloudy sky is made bright again.

Müller Wünderful Stuff Yogi Bear

The brand also comes across as powerful and heroic due to the storyline of the advert because of how the childhood cartoon characters save the day (implying that Müller saves the day). As stated earlier, nostalgia plays an important part in the viewers referencing due to the cartoon characters present, however you could question whether the cartoon characters chosen were really the best ones to bring about nostalgia; especially nostalgia in children and young adults. The advert is, however, creative and fun to watch if you watch the whole thing. However the image of the yogurt, which comes up three times in the ad (Muller corner, Muller rice & Muller light) could be said to be lost amongst all the illustrations. Have a watch of the advert and see what you think about it.

Müller – Wünderful Stuff:

In addition to the TV ad, Müller also got a team of graffiti artists to draw a photo-esque mural depicting a scene from the advert.

Müller Wünderful Stuff Mural

Street Advertising Services are the ones who created the first 3D Photo-realistic Graffiti mural and wrote on their website:

“Over the duration of three very long days and nights, our world leading Graffiti Artist and Team created an incredible piece of graffiti art in 3D. The piece was based on Müllers new Television advert and featured numerous children’s characters including the Mr Men, Yogi Bear and Kitt from the Knight Rider series. The art which was completed with nothing but aerosol paint was painted on a huge 100 square metre canvas that was fixed to a man made wall and floor stage. The piece was the World’s first piece of anamorphic graffiti art. Anamorphism is a trick of the eye optical illusion created by painting a piece from one point of perspective. When a person stands at the required point the wall and floor merge to create the illusion of 3D. The advert was a real challenge but the results were spectacular! The artwork gained lots of public interest and the day the artwork was completed a team of brand ambassadors gave away 10,000 Muller yoghurts and the artwork was also shown in media coverage across the UK.”

You can watch the creating of the Mural below:

Reviewing Müller Wünderful stuff Advert:

The advert is certainly very well constructed and the use of multiple design and editing effects makes it interesting to watch. Some of the effects used were green screen, hand drawn animations, as well as 3D animations and they layered this on top of the actual film. However the branding of the advert does seem to be just a little lost amongst all the busy cartoon characters and goings on of the advert so it doesn’t fully represent the Müller brand so I’ll give this a 4/5.

Message: 4/5

Again with all the busyness of the advert the brand messaging and product messaging feels as if it is a bit lost in the advert. 4/5

Pace: 3/5

The advert is in my opinion too long and just doesn’t deliver the brand messaging clearly and quickly enough to fulfil its advertising purposes. Unless you watch the entirety of the advert, you may end up forgetting that the advert was to do with Müller and not just a bringing together of nostalgic cartoon characters.  3/5

Sound: 4/5

The soundtrack in the advert is good and interesting but I feel it could have been just that bit better to keep up the pace of the advert. Incidentally, the track was recorded at the famous Abbey Roads Studio. 4/5

Overall: 3.75/5

Success! Just about.

What about you?
What do you think about the advert? Do you remember all these cartoon characters? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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