News – New Doritos Design Branding Ignited By Hornall Anderson

Hornall Anderson’s UK office have recreated the Dorito design by including a new logo which will be shown across packaging for all the Doritos markets. The new designs will be seen in markets including the UK, US and Mexico.

Doritos Global Designs

For the global markets, the new branding uses flexible design elements that can be adjusted for each of the different markets. The new branding colours, product photography, and new logo will however be used across the market.

Ali Whitely, Hornall AndersonUK creative director, said: “The Doritos target consumer moves fast, so when it came to the packaging, every element needed to have a valuable well-defined role.

“We considered everything from photography, tone of voice and visual personality to create a bold and inspiring look and feel.”

Doritos UK packs

For the UK market, the pack designs focus on the idea of Doritos being a ‘sharing occasion,’ according to the consultancy. The designs were created to ‘deliver a strong association between chip and dip’, encouraging customers to purchase both from the Doritos range.


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