Twinings 2011 TV Commercial

twinings gets you back to you

Back in 2011 Twinings Tea UK released a creative and colourful animated advert. The advertisement follows the journey of a woman and ends with her drinking a cup of Twinings tea. The Twinings tea TV commercial has proved popular enough and has sparked people to make creative paintings using their tea brands. Some of them can be viewed on their Facebook page.

You can view that advert below:

Twinings also created and released a second advert which is similar to the first and depicts more or less the same thing.

You can watch this second advert below:

Reviewing The Twinings Adverts:

The animation is interesting and creative. Although it is not a crisp clean animation, its style of drawing is what makes this an enjoyable advert to watch. However the animation doesn’t completely explain or deliver the messaging purpose of the advert and this needed to be addressed to make it a good advert. 4/5

Message: 4/5

The messaging ends up just a little lost in the animation but other than that it is great messaging. 4/5

Pace: 4/5

The adverts are just long enough to hold interest and deliver the messaging purpose. However they could have perhaps been a little shorter to deliver a more impactful messaging. 4/5

Sound: 5/5
The songs used make the advert interesting to watch and keep the attention of the viewer. The song in the first advert is a cover of The Calling’s ‘Wherever You Will Go’ and was covered by Charlene Soraia. You can listen to it by clicking here. The song in the second advert is a cover of ‘Go Your Own Way’ by Fleetwood Mac and was covered by Lissie. You can listen to it by clicking here. 5/5

Overall: 4.25/5


twinings gets you back to you boat

twinings gets you back to you second advert

What about you?
What do you think about the advert? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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