Dancing Evian Babies Are Back In New ‘Baby&Me’ Advert

Look out! Dancing Evian Babies are back in the new ‘Baby&Me’ TV ad. The new advert hopes to vividly stay in touch with the Live Young Lifestyle campaign which was brilliantly portrayed in their 2009 Roller Babies advertisement. You can find my review of that advert and the advert videos by clicking here.

Evian Baby&MeIn the advert itself, the characters in the video are seen walking as they would normally do until they suddenly come face to face with a ‘babified’ reflection of themselves in mirrors and reflective glass windows. Upon the initial discovery, the adult characters begin to interact with their reflections and this results in an energetic virtual dance off with themselves. The advert demonstrates the feeling of freedom and youth.

“The babies embody ‘Live Young’, the Evian mantra, and remind us that we are all youthful in our own, unique way. Babies are also the ultimate symbol of natural purity, exactly what Evian water is. This is why we are so excited to continue this iconic campaign in a fresh and entertaining way“said Jerome Goure, Vice President of Marketing for Danone.

The advert is produced by award-winning creative agency BETC, and directed by We are from LA. The Baby & Me video is remixed by electronic music producer, Yuksek for Evian and he remixes 90’s dance hit “Here comes the Hotstepper” to serve as the soundtrack.

Evian Baby&Me

In mid-May, Evian will be launching a Baby & Me application. It will be available on Android, iPhones and Facebook. Fans will be able to meet their own inner baby by taking a photo and uploading it to the application which will ‘babify’ and reveal your inner baby. The application is developed by BETC Digital and software company, B-Reel. It uses advanced facial recognition software. Photos can be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter to share with their friends, using #EVIANBABYANDME, which will be a globally used hashtag.

Music and song title:
Here comes the Hotstepper – Evian remix by Yuksek
We are From LA
Production team:
Iconoclast & Mikros

The advert can be watched below:

Reviewing Baby&Me Advert:

The cinematography of the advert is good and it shows what it needs to show, but it’s just missing that flare to bring the whole advert to life. The success of their 2009 advert was in the way they portrayed the dancing babies and that’s missing in this advert. 4/5

Message: 5/5

Evian have once again managed to deliver a TV advert which shows us how drinking Evian water can make us feel young again. The messaging of the advert is very good and well done and deserves a 5/5.

Pace: 4/5

The pace of the advert is good, however it does feel too long. The choice of music and some of the camera shots do not make the advert exciting enough to really hold the viewers full interest. Perhaps with either a change of soundtrack or just a shortening of the overall advert, the pace of it would be better. 4/5

Sound: 3/5

As stated above, the choice of music soundtrack does not particularly make the advert exciting enough to watch, unlike their choice of ‘Rappers Delight’ in their 2009 advert. ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’ by ‘Ini Kamoze is a fun and great song, but I feel the remix by Yuksek just takes away the fun of the song in its attempts to modernize it. Perhaps if they kept the original mix by Ini the advert would have been better. Regardless it certainly doesn’t match up to the success of their 2009 advert. 3/5

Overall: 4/5


What about you?
Do you think Evian produced a succesful baby commercial? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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