TV Advert Oasis Rubberduckzilla


Back in 2009 Oasis released a really creative and entertaining advert featuring a rubber duck. The ad challenged people to make a choice of drinking Oasis if they hated drinking water. Of course this advertisement was tongue-in-cheek and did not advocate the replacement of water as a drink but nevertheless it was successful in promoting the drinking of Oasis.


The advert itself was the first time Oasis returned to the screen following its controversial “Cactus Kid” ads which the Advertising Standards Authority banned for condoning underage sex and teenage pregnancy. Oasis however regarded that particular campaign as a success, embracing interactivity and social media. You can watch one of the Cactus Kid adverts by clicking here.


The 2009 ad formed part of the “For people who don’t like water” campaign. The advert “RubberDuckZilla” takes its cue from classic movies such as Godzilla and King Kong, with the giant duck shown storming through a Japanese city destroying everything related to water in his battle to promote variety and the freedom to choose tastier drinks. The campaign was created by Mother, and was aimed at 20-something consumers.


Interestingly enough, in the UK Five people complained that the campaign’s strapline: “For people who don’t like water” would wrongfully discourage young people from drinking water in favour of fizzy drinks. Mother added that the ad was not advocating poor nutritional habits and that Oasis was a low-calorie drink which, if consumed in moderation, could not be considered detrimental to health.

The ASA said that the ads were intended to be comical and surreal, and watchdog concluded that the ads were not harmful and were therefore not banned, unlike the Cactus Kid advertisements.

You can watch the advert below:

Reviewing The Rubberduckzilla Advert:

The cinematography is very well done and shows enough emphasis on Oasis to drive home the point of the advert and that is the freedom of choice to choose Oasis over water. It also captures the Rubberduckzilla in a surreal and fantastical way which makes the advert enjoyable to watch. 5/5

Message: 5/5

The messaging of the advert is superbly delivered and there is plenty of emphasis on Oasis which highlights the purpose of the advert without making you wonder what the advert is actually advertising. This makes it a great advert in that respect and the messaging receives a 5/5.

Pace: 5/5

The pace of the advert is just right to deliver the message of the advert as well as the story of a water hating giant rubber duck which is great and fun to watch. 5/5

Sound: 5/5

The sound is great for the advert and makes the whole advert feel comic and surreal which fits in to the plot of the advert and makes it enjoyable to listen to. Even though you have to read the subtitles to understand the advert, this does not take away from the overall advert which is good. 5/5

Overall: 5/5


What about you?
What did you think about the Rubberduckzilla campaign? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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