Taco Bell Super Bowl Commercial

Taco Bell Viva Mas

This year, 2013, Taco Bell released an entertaining advert where Bernie Goldblatt and his old school amigos from The Glencobrooke Retirement Home “Live Mas” when they sneak out for a wild night they’ll never forget. The ad is title “Viva Young” and tries to show us that just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and live young thanks to Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Viva Mas

You can watch the advert below:

Taco Bell Viva Mas

Reviewing The Taco Bell Advert:

The cinematography is good but it leaves something to be desired which is a bit of a shame because this adverts has a very interesting concept. If the camera cuts and speed of film were just a tad bit faster it would really capture the fun and speed of being young. 4/5

Message: 3/5

The message in this advert is good when you think about the title of the advert, however the message that this is all to do with having a Taco Bell is lost in this advert and shows more that old people can still play young. More emphasis is needed on Taco Bell to make the messaging better. 3/5

Pace: 3/5

The overall pace of the advert is good, however due to the music and camera speed it does feel that it is just a tad bit too slow. A faster music track would perhaps make it feel more fast paced and better. 3/5

Sound: 3/5

The soundtrack used doesn’t particularly keep up the pace of the advert which is a bit of a shame. Even though the actual song, which has been remixed here, is a popular song with a fun youthful feel, it just doesn’t portray that feeling in the advert itself. 3/5

Overall: 3.25/5

Success, just about!

What about you?
What did you think about the Taco Bell advert? Does it make you feel like Taco Bell will make you feel young? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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