Delite-o-matic TV Advert

Last year, 2012, Delites released an advert featuring a machine which would give out free snacks provided that the person activating the machine would follow the instructions given to them. People would be given instructions such as ‘press this button 100 times,’ ‘press this button 1000 times,’ ‘press this button 5000 times.’ Yeah. 5000 times. Now that’s commitment just for a free snack. And certainly people were committed to win a free snack as proven in this ad.


Other funny instructions range from bowing to the ‘ Almighty one’ through to ballet and robot dancing. This ad was very creative and is enjoyable to watch so I will provide a couple of their adverts below and review their first advertisement.

The Delites advert came out in America and can be watched below:

In addition to this advert, there was another pretty nifty ad which featured people dressed up as mice and running on a wheel for a set amount of time in order to win a prize. Falling while running meant failure and all would be lost.

You can find out more at their website and even play a game featuring eating the snacks to reveal a good-looking man by following this link:

You can watch the mice related advert below:

Reviewing The Delite-o-matic Advert:

Considering the fact that they were trying to keep the filming of the antics provided by the delite-o-matic secretive, they did a very good job of showing everyone performing their tasks diligently in order to receive a free snack. The camera work is good for the advert however it would need to be crisper and cleaner cut to make it even the more better. The filming also easily portrays the messaging purpose of the advert so it gets a 4/5.

Message: 5/5

The message that Delites are so good that you would do anything to get is brilliantly portrayed in this advert. Delites comes across as being something worthwhile in expending time and energy to receive and that embarrassing yourself in public won’t stop you from getting something delicious. The challenges used in the advert also help to further establish Delites as a worthwhile and great food snack because the challenges show commitment. The guy who spends what seems to be forever in one of the videos pressing the button 5000 times, in another of their ads, goes to show how far someone would go to get a Delites snack. Whether the snacks actually taste good or not, I don’t know, so perhaps someone who has tried them before can make a comment about the taste below? 5/5


The pace of the advert is good and keeps the viewer’s attention for the majority of the clip. However it needs to be a tad shorter – especially at the beginning, in order to make it a great ad to watch. 4/5

Sound: 5/5

The sound of the advert is good and exciting enough to keep your attention. You can clearly hear the antics of the machine and people, which makes the advert enjoyable to watch. 5/5

Overall: 4.5/5


What about you?
What did you think about the advert? Would you go so far as some of these people to receive a free snack? Do you think all the effort and energy is worth it? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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