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Share A Coke

Coca-Cola has replaced its traditional package branding and design with the UK’s 150 most popular names – with more names to be added later. This is part of their new ad campaign in the country to drive sales after a period of slow sales growth and to drive positive uplift in to brand perception. These names will feature across 100 millions packs. Each of the names have also had songs written about them, which you can find on their Facebook page. The ad campaign originally started in New Zealand and Australia last summer hence why the Facebook page links to Coca-Cola Australia.

Jon Woods, managing director of Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, said that: “Last year was the most fabulous year to be involved with Coke but our sales were not as strong as we would have liked. We have got off to a good start this year and we think this campaign will build momentum on the first quarter. We are still cycling some of the crummy weather from last summer but this is going to be a really strong campaign for the brand – it’s quite unusual and arresting to see your name replace a brand as iconic as Coke.”

Share A Coke

If you are unable to find your name on the packs, you can visit the dedicated Share A Coke website or the Share A Coke Facebook app to create virtual cans with your name on it.

A Coke spokesperson said: “The names were put on Coca-Cola bottles so consumers can have fun finding their friends’ and family members’ names and then enjoy sharing a Coke together. The Australian version of the campaign also includes three TV commercials featuring the names of Matt, Luke and Kate.”

The personalised packs were distributed to stores from last week with little media support as the brand looked to drive intrigue around the campaign. The on-pack creative also features the hashtag #ShareACoke, encouraging people to tell their friends about their discovery online.

The Share A Coke bottles are rolling out this month as part of a fully integrated marketing campaign which will include a TV ad featuring young people telling stories about people they admire and are inspired by.
The campaign was created by Leo Burnett,  and is its biggest ever in terms of media spend for the four-month summer period.

Share A Coke

Jon Woods said: “I think the measure of success for us with this summer’s campaign is how we excite our core consumer, create interest in the brand and drive value and volume.”

He adds the role its diet brands play in the campaign is also significant, following on from its recent Diet Coke hunk ads, the “Be OK” anti-obesity spot and Coke Zero cinema campaign.

He added: “If you walk into a store to pick something up at lunchtime and there’s your name on a bottle, it’s special because it’s there at that moment you buy.”

Further activity as part of the campaign will roll out this summer.

So what do you think about this campaign? Do you think it will prove a success?


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