Nolan’s Adverts Double Review

Nolans Cheddar Cheese Mouse

Today I’m bringing you a  double review of two adverts produced for Nolan’s food.  Both TV adverts feature superb animatronics and the Nolan’s cheese advert which came first was highly regarded as being a great ad in its own right.

Without further ado watch the first advert now below:

Reviewing The Nolan’s Cheddar Cheese Advert:
Cinematography: 5/5

The cinematography in the advert is superb and the animatronics are outstanding. The clever use of animatronics in the story really draw out the humorous nature of the advert and make it an enjoyable advert to watch. The timing of the movements of the mouse also perfectly matches the beat and pace of the soundtracks which make the advert all the much better to watch.  The camera cuts also help portray the emotions of the mouse which match with the soundtrack they chose to use. 5/5

Message: 4/5

The message the Cheddar cheese is seriously strong and therefore delicious is delivered in a humorous way which works for the advert. However if you were to watch only the first half of the advert you would see the death of a mouse and although the advert as a whole is clever, the possibility of only seeing the death of a mouse eating cheese portrays more of a message for selling mousetraps than selling cheese. 4/5

Pace: 5/5

The pace of the advert as a whole is great and it delivers the message of selling cheese cleanly and in a humorous way which makes the advert feel shorter than it actually is. 5/5

Sound: 5/5

The use of multiple soundtracks, from recognisable songs, is great and clearly helps to make the advert feel and look better. The soundtracks also match up with the actions of the mouse which makes it even the more enjoyable to watch, making it a great ad. 5/5

Overall: 4.75/5


What about you?
What did you think about the advert? Would this advert make you buy their cheese?

Nolans Nuts Squirrel

The next advert to watch is Nolan’s Nuts… Nuts with Guts!

Reviewing The Nolan’s Nuts Advert:

Just like their previous advert, the cinematography and animatronics is fantastic and makes for a great advert. However what isn’t so great about the cinematography in this advert is the fact that it isn’t clear in the advert how the nuts give rebirth to the squirrel. For this to get a 5/5 it would need to better portray the product advertising/messaging. For that I give it a 4/5.

Message: 4/5

The messaging in this advert isn’t as succesful as its counterpart. However it still brings some sense of humour through the use of music and cinematography which helps to sell the Nolan’s Nuts product, so even though the messaging falls a bit short, it is still a great advert with good messaging. 4/5

Pace: 4/5

The pace of this advert feels much too long compared to the first one and this is a bit of a let down. For the rest the humour is there, the recognizable music is there, so the pace doesn’t feel too long, but it could be a bit shorter. Especially during the breathing and push up part of the advert. 4/5

Sound: 5/5

The sound in this advert is just a great as the sound in the first one and is very well done. The timing of the actions of the squirrel and the music track perfectly sync together to make it a great advert. 5/5

Overall: 4.25/5


What about you?
What did you think about the advert? Does this advert also make you want to buy their products? Did you recognize the music tracks? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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