Guinness Bring It To Life Advert

For the best part of ten years, Guinness adverts used to bear the slogan ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ and it worked wonders for the drinks brand. They managed to garner fans for both the drink and its advertisements across the world. However just a couple of years back, they brought out a new commercial with the strap line ‘Bring It To Life’, which was created by the brand’s long serving agency BBDO.

Guinness World Waterfall

The advert is entitled World, and see a group of men playing the role of ‘god’ as they create a world of their own: Canyons are carved, coral reefs are built, animals are set free,  forests are erected using medieval methods of building, and rivers and waterfalls are encouraged to flow. The idea behind this advert is that this world creation is a metaphor for the famous surge and settling motion of a pint of Guinness and the way that it comes to life in front of your eyes when poured.

AMV’s executive creative director, Paul Brazier, had this to say about the new direction of advertising for Guinness:

“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait ran for ten triumphant years. However every advertising campaign has a natural lifecycle. ‘Good Things’ was firmly rooted in the experience of drinking in a pub, yet Guinness is also increasingly popular at home and we wanted to find out how we could persuade more people to experience Guinness wherever they were.

“The answer, we believed, lay in another product truth – the fact that Guinness does not pre-exist in a container waiting to be poured. Instead it comes to life in front of your eyes. The liquid hits the bottom of the glass. There’s an explosion of energy. Clouds form – churning, swirling and surging. They defy gravity, moving downwards and then upwards, leaving behind perfect Guinness. At the same time, almost by magic, a creamy white head forms on the drink. When the process finishes something amazing has been created.

“If we could capture this thought we could start to get people to see Guinness, and therefore the Guinness occasion, in a new light – as a drink full of energy, colour and life appropriate for any lively, enriching drinking occasion.

“Thus the line ‘Guinness. Bring It To Life’ was born. Based on a product truth which reframes the drink making it more contemporary and relevant to a new audience and the way they now consume alcohol. A thought that can encompass more than advertising – experiential, digital – and can live wherever and whenever Guinness is drunk.

“World is the first significant Guinness TV commercial to carry the line. So it not only has to meet the standard set by previous Guinness ads, but also to introduce and explain this new thought. We wanted it to be a big and bold first step. And what could be bigger than showing a group of men building a world – bringing it to life.

“It was important that the film looked real, so we shot as much as possible in camera, in a number of locations – New Zealand, Fiji and Canada. The director was Johnny Green and the directors of photography were Wally Pfister  (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) in the Southern hemisphere and Joost Van Gelder in the Northern.”

Guinness Bring It To Life

The new ad came out first on Sky Sports 2 HD during the Champions League Liverpool vs Olympique Lyonnais match and also played on ITV1 during the Champions League Arsenal v AZ Alkmaar match around the same time.

World credits:
Director – Johnny Green
Executive Producer –  N/A
Producer – Fergus Brown
Advertising Agency – Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creative – Paul Brazier
Agency Producer – Yvonne Chalkley
Production Company – Knucklehead
Director of Photography – Wally Pfister / Joost Van Gelder
Music – composed by Peter Raeburn and Nick Foster at Soundtree called ‘Cathartic Waltz’
TV Sound Design / mix – Raja Sehgal & Munzie Thind at Grand Central Studios
Cinema mix – Raja Sehgal at Grand Central Studios
CGI – The Mill, London

Watch the advert below:

Reviewing The Guinness Advert:
Cinematography: 5/5

The cinematography in this advert is absolutely superb. From the camera cuts to the pans which show beautiful scenery are stunning. The camera work also cleverly conceals any use of CGI and helps to draw you into the creation of this world. You can tell that they put a lot of effort, and cash of course, into producing this advert and it certainly succeeds to amaze the audience. 5/5.

Message: 4/5

The brand messaging of this advert is superb. The advert is so enticing to watch that it really helps to develop Guinness as a brand name. However that being said, there are a few issues with the messaging of this advert which is why it doesn’t score top marks. The idea that the creation of the world is likened to the pouring of a Guinness is far-fetched and overly exaggerated  Granted to some it is a great drink bringing worldly comfort, but to others this advert doesn’t so much as explain why Guinness should be the drink of choice and it therefore relies too heavily on its fan base rather than try to draw in news fans. The ad itself certainly draws in a fan base of people who think it’s a great cinematic achievement, however without a greater emphasis on Guinness, the messaging does fade away into the background. That is why I give it a near top marks 4/5.

Pace: 5/5

The pace of this advert feels just right and shows of the cinematic beauty of the advert in just a minute and a half. The ad itself is interesting to watch which also helps to keep the pace of the advert just right. 5/5

Sound: 4/5

The sounds in this advert are good and help to make the ad enjoyable to watch. However the choice of track just falls short of synchronizing perfectly with the camera cuts and pans. A better and more synchronised choice of soundtrack would be needed to make this a great advert. 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5


What about you?
What did you think about the advert? Have Guinness succeeded in brand messaging in this advert?  I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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