MasterCard Webisode Adverts for #INTERNSWANTED

MasterCard Interns Wanted Advert

When MasterCard Canada started the search for their 2013 interns, they wanted applicants to share their vision of how much better a cashless world could be. By showcasing common cash related problems in a futuristic context, these adverts were created to inspire and drive applicants to enter at the MasterCard #Internswanted Facebook page. The ads and application process could also be found at their main website. The three ads that they released can be watched below and then a review of them as a whole will follow.

MasterCard Interns Wanted Advert

Advert Credits:

Advertising Agency:
 MacLaren McCann, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors:
 Sean Davison, Mike Halminen
Art Directors: 
Troy McGuinness, Ben Playford
Cam Boyd, Sarah Deziel
Steve Angel / Head Gear Animation
TA2 Music
Music directors / Engineer:
Tyson Kuteyi, David Clark
Agency Producer: 
Grace Lee
Animation Producer: 
Jaelyn Galbraith
Account Team:
Emily MacLaurin-King, Matthew Greenberg
April 2013

MasterCard’s #internswanted Presents: The End is Here

MasterCard’s #internswanted Presents: Blaster Sale

MasterCard’s #internswanted Presents: Space Jammed

Reviewing The MasterCard Adverts:
Cinematography: 5/5

The cinematography in these adverts is pretty good for animations and it helps to deliver the message in a humours and succinct way. The cuts in the animation help to make it entertaining to watch. 5/5

Message: 5/5

The message that interns are wanted is delivered in a funny and enjoyable way. The messaging for these webisodes is definitely superbly delivered. 5/5

Pace: 4/5

The pace of these webisodes advertising an internship opportunity is a tad too long and can be cut back by just a few seconds to make the message delivery more punchy. 4/5

Sound: 4/5

The sound in general is good, however if you aren’t watching these adverts through to the end you wouldn’t know what they were advertising because the section of the advert about the internship opportunity is just text and not said allowed, so the messaging may fail to be delivered. That really is the only issue with the sound because for the rest it is well done. 4/5

Overall: 4.5/5


What about you?
What did you think about the webisodes? Do you have any cashless solutions of your own?  I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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