Design News – Flickr Launches New Website Design

The redesign has arrived just a few hours after Yahoo, owner of Flickr, announced their acquisition of blogging site Tumblr. Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer promised not to ‘screw up.’

Mayer described the new look as ‘A beautiful, completely re-imaging experience that puts photos front and centre.’ You can view the site by clicking here.

She also added: ‘We hope you’ll agree that we have made huge strides to make Flickr awesome again.’

The new site is built around a revamped photostream that shows users uploads, as well as comments and uploads from their friends, in what Flickr describes as ‘a seamless layout’.

Flickr Homepage

Flickr Homepage

The photostream forms the Flickr homepage, and allows users to monitor their own and their friends’ uploads and activity.

Each registered Flickr users is being given a terabyte of space for free (equivalent to around 600 000 6 megapixel photos) and Flickr will now accept video uploads of up to three minutes.

Tumblr Inline

The new photostream design.

What about you?
What do you think about their new site? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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