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First of all hello and welcome to Ads Reviewed Today. I hope you are enjoying the reviews that are written here and I’d like to thank you all for spending your time reading the reviews.

Today I decided to begin what has felt like a long journey creating a YouTube Channel. The idea behind this is to gain a YouTube outreach and to also have all the advert videos uploaded onto one channel where they will always be. By doing this I hope to be less reliant on other YouTube users videos and not have to worry about whether the video have been taken down or not.

To further personalise this endeavour, I created, using Adobe after effects for the first time ever, a video logo which will feature as part of the video uploads.

You can watch the video intro below:

To subscribe to the channel and see more video uploads follow this link:

So what’s next?

Of course I will be writing more advert reviews and bringing you some of the latest design, branding and advertising related news. I will also slowly begin editing and uploading all the adverts onto the YouTube Channel and as you can imagine, this will be long task, but it will be done. I also hope and plan to use the channel to upload any adverts in general.

I’ve already uploaded one video containing the new video logo and that was for the 21st Century Fox logo branding news. You can read that article and seeing how it all fits together by clicking here.

Many thanks,

Leonardo Buter

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Even if it’s just  question about one of the adverts, or if you’d like to tell me about your favourite ads, feel free to drop a comment on any one of the social links.


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