Branding News – London Bridge to get its own branding

The Shard

With the continuing redevelopment of the area, London Bridge is set t get its own place branding.

The rebrand project has been commissioned by Team London Bridge – a local business community.

Place branding specialist Placematters, destination development consultancy Ideado, Consulting and design consultancy Zulver, have all been teamed up to work on the branding.

Zulver & Co founder Andrew Zulver says the new identity would be used to promote the area and comes during a period of redevelopment for London Bridge, which includes the opening of The Shard last year.

Zulver says, ‘While the name London Bridge is known around the world, there is no consensus on what and who the area represents, and what it has to offer.’

He adds, ‘This place brand will not just be a logo and tagline, but will truly represent what the area stands for today, and what the local community and stakeholders think it should be tomorrow.’

The new branding is expected to be launched in September.


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