McDonalds Print Adverts

Check out these McDonald’s print adverts. Utilizing three different artists they have gone as creative as they can on these ads.

Mcdonalds Nams

Nam’s created by Jenni Suomela

Mcdonalds McSmokey Chili

McSmokey Chili created by Tero Halonen

Mcdonalds Hevikana

Hevikana created by Juha Sihtala

McDonald’s Print Credits

Advertising Agency: DDB, Helsinki, Finland
Art Director: Jaakko Kastari
Copywriter: Jani Tynnilä
Account Director: Jarno Lindblom
Project Managers: Inka Karvonen, Päivi Lång
Creative Director: Vesa Tujunen
Production Company: Piñata
Producer: Johanna Luoto
Director, Designer: Tuomas Korpi
Lead Compositor: Mika Rantala
2D Animation: Mikko Vormala

Reviewing The Print Adverts:

The messaging that McDonald’s spurs on creativity and having fun is used to sell their burgers here. Although the message idea is good it isn’t wholly clear what the messaging of the ad is so it just needs a little clarification on the purpose of the art behind the burgers. Over than that it shows a delicious looking burger and the McDonald’s logo and tagline which is enough to show you that they are trying to sell McDonald’s food in the ad. 4/5

Design: 4/5

The design is clean and easy on the eyes. It has all the relevant graphics to show you that it is a McDonald’s advert so there is no confusion on the purpose of the ad. Also the creative art pieces make the ads eye-catching to look at, even if their purpose of being there is unclear. Overall it is a solid piece of work. 4/5

Overall: 4/5


What about you?
What do you think of their print ads? I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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