Toyota Love In One Mile Advert

Toyota Love In One Mile 2

This advert from Toyota utilizes animation and a touching story (judging by the ending it might be a fact based story?) in order to sell their new GT86. The ad came out at the beginning of March 2013.

Toyota Love In One Mile 3


Advertising Agency: Saatchi, London, UK
Production Companies: Imaginary Forces, Bicoastal, Supergoober
Creative Director: Michelle Dougherty
Art Director: Joan Lau
Designer: Pete McDonald
Lead Animator: Gary Hebert
Animator: Eric Demeusy
Producer: Christopher Ahn

Check the ad below and read the review.

Reviewing The Toyota Advert:

Animation: 3/5

The animation does not do the advert any justice. It is to choppy and poorly designed to make this a good advert. A smoother animation with a better choice of colours and design would make the advert a lot better.3/5

Message: 4/5

The message is the only redeeming point of this ad. It sells the car as it had intended to through the use of the touching story and relates buying a car to something your heart desires. 4/5

Pace: 3/5

The pace is simply too long and that is due to the lack of good animation sequences and poor choice of sound. If these parts were made better it would be a better advert. 3/5

Sound: 3/5

The sound of this advert isn’t constructed very well. The heartbeat in the background doesn’t blend well with the choice of soundtrack and almost makes it seem as if they are fighting against each other for dominance. The music itself doesn’t help to bring the story or messaging along either. 3/5

Overall: 3.25/5

Failure on delivery off the message but a good message nonetheless. Better animation would make the advert much better.

What about you?
What did you think of the ad?  I’d love to see your feedback in the comments below.

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