Leonardo Buter Hi! I am Leonardo Buter and the author of this blog. I believe that adverts have their good and bad points and that through reviewing and analysing them we’ll be able to find ads, which not only work for their purpose, but can leave a lasting memory as works of art. A lot of creativity and work goes behind these advertisements to deliver something that not only sells a product, but to also show us something spectacular. That is what I hope to bring to you. Spectacular adverts.

A little more info about me: I’m 19 years old and I’m currently completing an internship at a marketing and advertising agency. My current ambition is to go into the field of marketing and advertising as a job, whether that be into account management or a role within the creative the department we will see. I love taking photos and experimenting with different types of art, such as Sumi- E (Japanese ink drawing). As a creative individual, adverts are definitely an interest of mine! Especially when they go all out with their creativity!

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